Sad News to Share

Dear Friends, For those of you who may not have heard, I am sad to inform you that our dear friend Jackie Walker has passed away.  Jackie was the founding Director of the Hornell Christmas Cantata and a singer in the cantata and in Orpheus Chorale as well.  It was quite fortunate that Jim Varner […]

Congratulations and Thank You!

Dear Singers and Musicians, Mark Smith sent us a wonderful post-cantata message that I’m sure you enjoyed reading.  It’s especially important to hear from our “worry-early” music director that we gave an inspiring performance. Thank you all for participating in this year’s Hornell Christmas Cantata.  I echo Mark’s words when I say that the cantata […]

As we find each other..

Dear People, I flatter myself when I used the salutation “Dear People.”  This is how the great Robert Shaw used to address his choirs in his many writings.  I thought i’d steal it for this note because I am feeling so grateful and proud of you all and I am channeling the great master.  (Robert […]

Even More .. NOTES FOR YOUR SCORE – Ring the Bells and Mary Did you Know

Me again, Here are singers notes for “Ring the Bells” and “Mary Did you Know” Again.. please mark your scores accordingly….  Thanks, Mark (also at Ring the Bells Before #32. #35, 57, etc. and throughout – Note that “Ring the Bells” theme falls after the beat. p. 5 – WARNING!!  last measure at top of p. […]

More “As Promised” – NOTES for your Score!!!

Hi Team Here are some notes for the Cantata “What Sweeter Music” (I will followup with “Ring the Bells” and “Mary Did you Know” at another time).  PLEASE.. MARK YOUR SCORES WITH THESE NOTES as appropriate. Thanks,  Mark (also at CANTATA _ What Sweeter Music – SINGERS NOTES Veni Veni p. 3 & 4 – Review […]