Friend needs our thoughts/prayers

Update: From Amanda Snyder via Jan Burdett Leathersich.

Her address is Marsha Andrews, Hornell Gardens, 434 Monroe Ave, Room 201, Hornell, NY 14843. Phone there is 607-324-7740. When she has a phone in her room I can send an update. Their daughter, Beverly asked me to include her email and tell people they can contact her at Bob said she’s been their ROCK!


For those who know and sang with Marsha Andrews, she could use our prayers. I received the following message this morning from Jan Burdett Leathersich

“Letting you know Marsha Andrews is not doing well & was admitted to Hornell Gardens yesterday for more care. Could you let people who sang with her know. They’re encouraging visitors.”


Some post-performance thoughts and information

Dear Singers,

Mark’s post-Cantata message was eloquent and moving.  Not only is he a fantastic conductor and teacher, he also is a gifted writer who can convey emotions in his words.

I’ll add my own feelings about how special it was to work with you and to sing with you Sunday evening.  Every Cantata choir is unique; every performance is unique.  I’m always a little sad that the moment is so fleeting, but I’m also so very proud of how we bring things together under Mark’s direction during the performance to sing the music at a higher level then during rehearsals.  It’s magic!  Well, it’s mysterious, but it’s the result of our collective and individual hard work and Mark’s ability to help us get to a point we didn’t know was possible.

If you sang with us for the first time, thank you for making this journey, and we hope to see you back next year.  If you are a “veteran” of the choir, thank you for coming back, and we hope to see you next year.  For everybody, invite others to join us next year.  We know how much enjoyment this brings to us, and we should invite others to share our secret.

Jackie Walker sent a note that I want to share with you.  Here it is: To Jim and others for dedicating the cantata to me.  I was very moved by this honor.  The music was beautiful.  I only wish I could have participated, but the performance lifted my spirits.  It was a great beginning to this season of joy.  With many thanks, Jackie.

I’ll conclude by giving you the news you have all been waiting for; namely, the amount that was donated.  I’m thrilled to tell you that the audience donated $2,043.  We will round this up to $2,050 to present to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Southern Tier.  We’ll arrange a presentation, take a picture, and submit an article to the newspaper.

Thank you all!  Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


A Humbling Gift

Hello Dear Friends.

What an awesome ride..  I hope you are still aglow from our wonderful program on Sunday.   I am very proud of our performance and I hope you are as well.

I’ve received tons of wonderful comments and Facebook has lit up over the past couple of days. Again, the community is a-buzz.   (Peish Video has even posted the video of our Hallelujah Chorus.)

The one year thing I will remember about this year is Tears.  Yes, tears.  Each year, numbers of people tell me that they are moved to cry each year at Cantata.  Tears are a funny things aren’t they?   Tears can be prompted by many things including, sadness, spiritual insight, memories, artistic beauty, and pure joy. Again, this year I received several messages that mention being moved to tears. In addition, both audience and choir members shared tears with me following our performance on Sunday. Apparently, we touch a nerve as we present our work.

Our message exceeds the pride of a job well done.  Musicality may be our focus but our product is much more.   The world is a complex place.  Our lives are complex.  On Sunday, we provided a safe, appropriate invitation for deep reflection and human response to this complexity and we topped it off with a dash of hope and joy.  For a few minutes on Sunday, we gave a gift of beauty, meaning, solace, comfort and optimism to our friends and neighbors. We also provided the these gifts to ourselves; gifts that transcend the lines and dots on our pages. I find it an extraordinary to be a part of this thing we do. It is deeply humbling.  I will not take it for granted.

I wish you all a safe, happy, and deeply meaningful holiday season.  If this comes with a few tears, all the better.

Bless you,



Cantata – help with handing out programs

Hi!  I’m back with a last-minute request.  We need a few people to hand out programs to people as they enter St. Ann’s.  Do any of you have family members who could do this (spouse, aunt, uncle, grandparent, older children)?  We need a total of four people (three aisles and the side door).

If you have someone willing to do this, please get back to me with an email (, or call (324-0850).


Cantata Recordings

I now have forms to order cantata recordings.  DVD’s are $20 and music CD’s are $15.  Peish Video is recording the performance.

I will bring order forms with me on Sunday.  You may fill out a form and leave it with me with your payment.  I’ll take the forms to Peish Video on Monday.  However, I must have the exact amount in cash (I can’t make change), or you may use a check.  If you write a check, make it payable to PEISH VIDEO.

You may also order recordings on your own, either by mailing your completed form and payment to Peish Video (the address is on the form), or my taking it to their place of business directly.

Recordings will be shipped by 19 December, if you get your order in promptly.


Riser Set-Up on Sunday – Time Change

Riser set-up Sunday afternoon will be at 4:00 PM, an hour later than announced at rehearsal.  The reason is that there is a prayer service at 3.  So, riser set-up at 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon.  If you can help, that will be most welcome.


Sunday’s “Order of Things”

Hi .. sharing this … Sunday’s “Order of Things”


Order of Things
Organ Preludes – John Bartell
Choir Enters – 7pm
Welcome – Jim Varner
Choral Invocation – “Wake, Awake for Night is Flying” – J.S. Bach
Processional & Anthem – ORGAN
Cantata – One Silent Night – Pepper Choplin
My Spirit Waits for Emmanuel
The Call – Soloist: Linda Staiger
The Trip to Bethlehem
God So Loved This Silent Night
The Angels and Shepherds
Glory to God in the Highest Heaven – Soloist: Vinny Capluzzi
The Wise Men in Jerusalem
When They Saw the Star
The Wise Men Worship
Behold the Child
Joy to the World!
Glory Halleluyah to the Newborn King – Cynthia Gray
Free Will Offering
When the Song the Angels is Stilled
Hallelujah Chorus – G.F. Handel
Procession with Candles into Audience – Organ
Candlelight Carol Sing –
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Orch)
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Organ)
The First Noel (Orch)
Silent Night (Orch)
Let There Be Peace on Earth (Organ)

Cantata – Important times and tasks

I confirm that Saturday rehearsal starts at 10:00 AM in St Ann’s church.  Please be there on time.  We have a lot to accomplish, including non-singing items, like finding our places on the risers.  If you cannot make this rehearsal, please let another singer know, and have that person responsible for knowing your place on the risers.

Speaking of risers, Dan Connors has worked very hard to locate risers and arrange for their transport to St. Ann’s on Friday.  Now it’s time for some of the rest of us to help Dan out.

First – Dan needs a few people to be at the Alfred-Almond School at 1:30 PM Friday to help load risers onto a truck.  These same people can then help unload the truck at St. Ann’s, and get the risers into the church.  If you can help out with this task, please call me Friday morning (324-0850), or just show up at the A-A School at 1:30 PM.

Second – We need people to help with riser set-up Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.  The more the merrier, so get an early breakfast and come to St. Ann’s at 9:00 AM.  Please help with taking down the risers after rehearsal (that goes pretty fast).

Third – We need people to help with riser set-up Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM.  Again, the more the merrier.  Please help with taking down the risers after the performance.

Fourth – We need a few people at 8:00 AM (yes, 8 in the morning) on Monday to help load the risers onto the truck and unload them at the A-A School.

Mark will tell us exactly when he wants us at St. Ann’s on Sunday, but I’m thinking it will be at 5:15 PM in the sanctuary.


Cantata – Music Notes Part Deux (II)

As promised – Music Notes Part Deux – please write it down.. Thanks

Reminder: our ability to show our stuff will be dependent on your preparation.  Its a responsibility to the entire group.  If 80 of our 92 singers are prepared, we will only be 86.9 % excellent  .. everyone is important!  Push yourself’ll be worth it.

xoxo – Mark

Choral Prelude – Wake Awake – In the round

  • Big choral sound..
  • Watch Mark …
  • Sing by what you see instead of what you hear.
  • Sing with confidence

Glory Hallelujah to the Newborn King

  • Lets ROCK this… (But dont rush it Tenors!!) .. This is ALL About the BEAT! ..
  • Keep Tempo Steady – Feel Beat inside .. Tap yur feet, shake your head, wiggle your toes ..whatever..just keep the PULSE STEADY
  • Folks Page 8 to end is Shaky! – please review these pages, part of it is because we are jumping around pages, . the oly way around this is to familiarize yourself with the music that is coming .. NOTE: I am sure if you took the time to memorize these last pages (the words,at least) you will find it is much easier than you think.  Challenge yourself!
  • MARK THE REPEATS in your scores !
  1. Sing p. 2-5,
  2. then back to p. 2 – thru top of 4
  3. Jump to 2nd ending p. 6 – 7
  4. Jump back to p. 2 – top of 4 (first measure)
  5. Jump to p. 8 (#25 – coda)  thru top of p. 14
  6. Jump back to top p. 12-13 (if you memorize from here to end you can close your folder and clap.. (optional)
  7. Jump t0 2nd ending top of 14 to the end.
  8. YES I KNOW THIS IS CONFUSING>  We will review it


When the Song of the Angels – Sung during Offereing

  • Judging from last weeks rehearsal .. this goes MUCH, MUCH faster than you think
  • Remember the sfz (sforzando – hit it loud and go immediately to soft.  i think of it as a “bee sting”) at #15 on page 3.. it happens in BOTH Verses.  Please Mark your music at measure #14 to remind you its coming .. before you get there.
  • Make note of the 1st and 2nd ending jumps.  (sing  1-7, jump back to page 1 – 6, then skip to page 8 ending)
  • Review notes on page 8 .. especially the strange chord in last measure of p. 8.
  • Page 9 is less familiar to us as it is not on the recording.  Its simple .. i just need you to watch me!

Hallelujah Chorus .. we’re good.